Welcome to Our Coffee House

It is into the people that drop into our every days, that make up the sum of our lives. It is into the faces, the smiles, tears, dreams, and laughter of each day that we pour our souls.

It is this idea of everyday people that fuels our passion for coffee and food as it’s our chance to be part of people’s lives.

Each day we are lucky enough to have friends drop in to our shop. We get the chance to serve them curated coffees, award winning teas, and food we love. But most importantly we get the chance to interact face to face.


We get to share in their lives... The joys of the birth of a new child, the acceptance to the college of their dreams, winning employee of the year. Along with the joys come the pain. Lost jobs, unexpected surgeries, the loss of loved ones. They drop in for a cup of coffee, but more importantly they share their lives. For with them our hearts swell and our hearts break. Over a cup of coffee, we share the pictures of our lives and we share our hopes. The community of coffee is a community of people and this is our joy and our passion. It is an honor.


Eat, Drink and Be Happy!


Dale and Toni Proprietors

About Our Name

You can’t go far in El Segundo without noticing Blue Butterflys. From our name, to stone pavers in the sidewalks, to murals, and Richmond St. Elementary's mascot.


The El Segundo Blue Butterfly (Euphilotes battoides allyni) is a touchstone to the coastal dunes ecosystem that has largely given way to development. In 1976 this, once thriving insect, was the first insect to be placed on the National Endangered Species list. In 1986, the LAX Dune Restoration Project set aside 203 Acres, under the flight path next to the ocean, for the El Segundo Blue Butterfly Habitat Restoration Preserve. Inside of which is a 43 acre Native Dune Habitat that supports the growth of Coastal Buckwheat (Eriogonum parvifolium) that serves as The El Segundo Blue’s only food source.


Not only has the preserve served to expand The Blue’s numbers, but to serve as Southern California’s largest Coastal Dune Habitat supporting many of the native species specific to the Dune Ecosystem. The Blue Butterfly holds a dear place in the heart of El Segundo and we take great pride in that it is our name sake.


El Segundo blue (Euphilotes battoides allyni) is a butterfly local to a small dune ecosystem in Southern California that used to be a community called Palisades del Rey, close to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). It is a federally designated endangered species. The El Segundo Blue Butterfly Habitat Preserve next to LAX exists to protect the species.


There are only three colonies of this tiny butterfly still in existence. The largest of these is on the grounds of LAX; a further colony exists on a site within the huge Chevron El Segundo oil refinery complex, and the smallest colony is an area of only a few square yards on a local beach. The butterfly lays its eggs on coast buckwheat, which the adults also use as a nectar source. Recently, some nearby beach cities such as Redondo Beach have replaced Ice plant growth near the beaches with coast buckwheat, in order to provide the butterflies with more of their natural food source.
The community of coffee is a community of people and this
is our joy and our passion. It is an honor.Dale Inghram